Our Vision is Simple

End water waste forever.

Our Story

Aqua-Rimat was born out of a vision that costly water damage and waste shouldn’t be an issue in the 21st century.

Just as you can look at the back of a cereal box and know how many calories it contains, you should be able to consider any building – be it a simple home or a multi-national corporate campus – and know how every drop of water is being used within it, just like you would with any other resource.

Until now, we’ve only had rudimentary tools to understand how our water is being used. Commercial businesses spend 1/4 of the total cost of their water bills on paying for leaks alone – money and water poured down the drain, at a time when water scarcity has never been a more pressing issue. Not knowing where our water is going puts our property and assets at risk, with water damage being a leading insurance claim. Facility managers tell us they’re crossing their fingers, sleeping uneasy at night, hoping their rudimentary flood protection devices don’t fail them and cause catastrophic damage.

In the era of the FitBit, in which we can track every step we take, there’s no reason we should walk around in the dark when it comes to our water. Our vision is to put an end to “finger-crossing” and water waste forever, by empowering you with 21st century solutions to manage your water with award-winning water “fingerprinting” tools.

Father & Son Founding Team

Dr. Moshe Ravid invented Aqua-Rimat’s award-winning Flowless, after a frustrating incident where he had to move in and then out of his brand new home following a costly flood due to a burst pipe. Unable to find 21st century-style technologies to help protect his home from future water damage, Moshe and his son, Shay, embarked on a journey to not only end water damage, but to empower residents and businesses to manage and conserve their water.

Aqua-Rimat opened shop in 2011 at a pastoral Kibbutz campus, where we brought together inventors from the world’s leading water innovation and cyber-security epicenters. Our staff enjoy daily home-cooked meals by Kibbutz members, while we work hard on our quest to end water waste forever.