“Israeli Development: The System that Will Help You Save on Water”

The Hi-Tech, Communications and Internet section
November 18, 2014

Israeli technology company, Aqua Rimat won first place in a competition for innovation in the field of smart homes at the European EUW. The system is protected by four patents and is intended for individual consumers and medium to large companies. The system continuously monitors water consumption and uses artificial intelligence (learning systems and algorithms) to actually “learn” the water consumption patterns of a home or office; in order to efficiently and accurately manage water resources. The system is managed through a website and mobile application. It also provides an indication of water consumption – even on an hourly basis, and alerts users of abnormal consumption.


“Every Drop Counts: The Israeli Initiative that Strives to Take Control of the Global Water Market”

Technology Section
May 13, 2014

Israeli company, Aqua Rimat has begun marketing a new technology in the hopes of reaching private and business water sectors around the world – and to prevent the next leak. “The system serves as the first step towards a larger change in the way water is managed at the endpoint,” said company CEO Alon Gal, who served as the IDF’s Technology and Logistics Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. Aqua Rimat is going to lead an international revolution. We intend on providing consumers with peace of mind regarding water damage and reduced water bills, as well as significant savings for insurance companies.”

2014 European Utility Week 2014 – Awarded the Innovation Award

The European Utility Week conference is one of the largest, most highly-regarded conferences on energy efficiency and energy saving (electricity, gas and water).The conference was held in Amsterdam (2014) and hosted some of the world’s leading companies in these fields including: IBM, TATA, Toshiba, Ericsson and Siemens. A hundred companies and thousands of participants attended the conference.

Aqua Rimat was awarded the innovation award for its product Flowless, in the Smart Home and End User Engagement category.


Green Construction Guide, Channel 10

Sarit Vino-Elad interviews the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Aqua Rimat, Lior Hertz. The program looks into green construction in Israel. Vino-Elad meets with Lior Hertz, VP Sales & Marketing at Aqua Rimat, who tells her how water leaks are detected (in the toilet tank as well), and about preventing damage as a result of flooding. The system shuts off the water supply at night or when it detects the office is empty, by means of presence sensors.
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